Welcome to Crestec USA, Inc.

Crestec USA can serve as the client's representative to handle the demand for user guides that arises after a product is initially sold.

Fulfillment service

Crestec USA handles the work for the client, from printing the manual on demand to packing, shipping, and inventory management. Once you have collected the orders from the end users, you can send that information to Crestec USA.

We will prepare the necessary quantity of the necessary manuals and ship them, carrying out the entire process smoothly. It is also possible to construct a dedicated system for providing the order information to Crestec USA.

Eliminating Stock and Reducing Management and Storage Costs

Preparing and managing a large stock of user guides, service manuals, and other documents to handle orders for unknown quantities at an unknown date is a significant burden on a company.

Crestec USA fulfillment services use printing on demand that can quickly print and bind only the necessary quantity of documents according to the orders received, allowing us to print small lots of many items. Therefore, inventory management is not needed and you are freed from the problems associated with securing sufficient storage space and management resources.

Reducing the Burden of Logistics Operations for e-Commerce

A series of logistics operations, including quality checks, packing, and shipping preparations, arise to support e-commerce.

For orders of manuals in small lots that occur at random times, Crestec USA works on behalf of the client to quickly prepare, check, pack, and ship the orders with care.

In addition, using our global network (over 20 sites in North America, Europe, and Asia), we are also able to provide the desired local printing and local delivery.

e-Commerce Website Development & Operation Services

When you want to establish a new sales channel for user guides, use our e-commerce website development & operation services.

We can plan and develop an easy-to-understand e-commerce website that visitors will be able to navigate instinctively. We can design websites for both B2B and B2C.

Orders Can Be Received Online Anytime (24-7 Service)

The e-commerce websites (manual order systems) provided by Crestec USA can receive orders from users every day without a holiday.

The system can respond flexibly, even during busy periods or holidays where demand can change suddenly, to provide the manuals to users.

In addition, we can also operate a call center to answer questions regarding the sales of the manuals.

Speedy Delivery for Increased Customer Satisfaction

When combined with our fulfillment services, we promise to ship the product within 3 business days of receiving the order, which shortens the time from when the order is received until the product is ultimately delivered to the user.

By supporting the aftermarket with a service that does not keep buyers waiting, we can contribute to increasing customers' satisfaction with your company.

Examples of Actual e-Commerce Websites

Order System for Vehicle Manuals / Transportation Equipment Manufacturer

In Europe and the United States, users often purchase older motorcycles and automobiles and carry out the maintenance and repairs themselves.

This creates a need for sales of product service manuals. Crestec USA developed an e-commerce website that can quickly respond to this need, and today we are still supporting the operation of this service website.


Order System for Electronic Device Manuals / Electrical Equipment Manufacturer

Crestec USA developed and is operating a website where users can purchase manuals for all of the client's electronic devices.

Because the system can be used to find the manual for the desired product quickly, from among numerous product categories, such as home electronics, audiovisual equipment, computers, and mobile phones, and an extremely large number of models in each category, the system was rated very highly.