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Full support regarding compliance with international standards, and analyses based on observations of users. Techniques that only true professionals can use.

Crestec Consulting Services

Crestec has been creating manuals for use in many countries around the world for over 30 years. By taking advantage of this experience, we are able to provide the following services to our clients.

  • Measures for complying with "IEC 82079-1", "GB standards" in China, and other international standards
  • Consultation for safety warnings corresponding to product risk assessments conducted by product manufacturers
  • Comprehensive support for the CE marking system
  • Evaluations of manuals and proposals for improvements based on checklists from the Japan Technical Communicators Association
  • Analyses of issues and proposals for improvements through usability tests

Because we are able to provide individual support in many countries and regions around the world, not just in United States, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Support for Investigating International Standards Related to Descriptions Used in Manuals

Starting with the applicable international standards in the target market, Crestec provides support and investigates the national standards and compliance tests that must be cleared in each country.

Our specialized section, the ISS (International Standards Information Section), is led by experts who participated as the Japanese representatives in the development working group for IEC 82079, which is said to be the guideline for international standards. This section can accommodate various requests related to international standards.

In addition, one of our local subsidiaries belongs to the China Association for Standardization, which handles all of the latest information regarding the GB standards. Our specialized team is well prepared to assist you in entering the Chinese market.

Manual Planning & Proposals

"I want to improve the manual and increase the quality." "I would like to reduce the number of pages and lower my costs." "I wish to completely change my manual for a new product." ... Even with such diverse requirements, Crestec can meet the needs of our clients. From reviewing the workflow to converting manuals to online manuals or HTML manuals and providing new plans and proposals for manuals, we can help you solve any issues you are facing.