Welcome to Crestec USA, Inc.

Same high-quality printing in Japan and overseas. Our fully developed organization provides printing services to meet our clients' needs.


Translations for any product with the optimum quality, cost, and delivery.

Localization (Translation)

With a hard wall white screen cyclorama in two corners, additional white walls, and full blackout capacity, we can create and capture anything you need in a minimalist fashion.

Studio & Shooting

Crestec USA can serve as the client's representative to handle the demand for user guides that arises after a product is initially sold.

Fulfillment & Aftermarket

A new kind of excitement,
Group Augmented Reality


Are you interested in business using smart glasses?

By streaming content to multiple devices simultaneously, PORECT allows the group to enjoy their experience together, just like watching a big screen.

From group tours to far-away events, the possibilities are as limitless as the imagination.

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