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Burlington County College, Pemberton, N.J., publishes 250,000 course schedules each term. Preparation of the credit and non-credit Quark files demanded the almost full-time dedication of two graphics artists, plus the college's Publications and Relations management and staff for the 30 days prior to each printing. It seemed as though they had no sooner finished printing one term's schedule when the next one needed to be started. Meanwhile, the old website was not keeping synch with the changes with each term's new schedule. Any work spent updating each term's print files had to be duplicated in updating the website's HTML code. The college was in the process of finding a new Web development company to upgrade their website.
Solution - Crestec USA's Digital Factory®
Crestec's Digital Factory solution uses a single database that can output files for the Web or files for the Quark or PageMaker layout artist. Data for both media are always in synch. The original data files need to be changed only once and the corrected data is available for Web and print. Because funds were limited, Crestec USA recommended a two-phase implementation covering successive fiscal years. Phase One would build and manage the college's new website. The Second Phase would enable output to print using the foundations built in Phase One.
Phase One (Completed May 2002) — A Digital Factory. re-engineered website that:
  • Is based on generally available, not proprietary, technology and development tools used through out the industry.
  • Provides support for a broader range of internet browsers used by the college community.
  • Begins addressing governmental ADA requirements by allowing users to select a text-only display mode for all the site material.
  • Provides a searchable database of all course schedules, descriptions and locations, and lays the foundation for the same database to output credit and non-credit course in Quark format.
  • Offers a searchable calendar of events (by date, campus, topic or category) and news release stories (by date range, headline or story text).
  • Allows authorized college personnel to upload and edit the calendar and news events sections through their browser and publish immediately to the live website.
Phase Two (Completion in FY2003 School Budget) — The Digital Factory PageGear® solution that provides:
  • Editorial access to more of the college's personnel (Registrar, Graphics, Printing, Academic Departments) via simple, name- and password-protected Web browser screens.
  • Output Quark-formatted files of the credit and non-credit course data for final layout of the credit and non-credit course schedules and catalogs by the college's graphics artists.


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