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In 2001, the U.S. EPA mandated that automobile manufacturers make their emissions and repair information available on the internet. Subaru had over 40 models dating back to 1996 included in this requirement which meant that their digital files had to be searchable.
Crestec created a database that allowed customers to search for the documents easily-- by keywords, vehicle identification number, model year or topic. We also incorporated two other features: a content management interface that gives Subaru technical writers direct access and control over the site’s content; and an e-commerce shopping cart to maximize efficacy of Subaru’s decision to make the STIS data available through subscription and to sell CD’s, hard copy of service and owner’s manuals and training videos.
Subaru has not only exceeded EPA requirements; they saved money doing it. Profits from media and subscription sales more than cover the cost of operating the site. Thousands of subscriptions have been sold and millions of PDFs have been successfully downloaded.


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