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Same high-quality printing in Japan and overseas. Our fully developed organization provides printing services to meet our clients' needs.

Precise Handling with Offset Printing at Our Facilities

Crestec can perform precise handling based on client requests due to our offset machines. We respond with satisfactory quality.

Offset printing is also suitable for mass printing due to the use of plates, which allows for beautiful printed materials with excellent durability while keeping costs low.

Examples of Offset Printed Material

  • Posters
  • Ads, leaflets
  • Booklets
  • Presentation materials

Recommended Examples of Other Printed Material

  • Sales strategy: Creation of marketing and promotional ads
  • Education: Creation of textbooks
  • New employee development: Creation of training manuals
  • Corporate: Creation of human resource documents and company newsletters
  • Products: Creation of parts catalogs

Short-Term Handling with On-Demand Printing

Crestec uses on-demand printing that makes use of professional and practical skills and knowledge.

We can respond to desired delivery dates with low cost on-demand printing even with small quantity requests.

What is On-Demand Printing?

On-demand printing is recommended if a few printed copies are needed urgently, which can accommodate short delivery times with small lots. It is possible to print at reduced costs even with a small number of copies.

We can eliminate excess inventory and shortages, and contribute to cost reduction such as inventory management because we print and deliver the required number of copies when necessary without the need for inventory.

On-Demand Printing Flow

  • Print using data ordered in the past.
  • Ship within 48 hours after receiving the order.

On-demand printing is a recommended solution for clients involved in manufacturing, publishing, and services. We respond to client needs and precisely handle changes one by one.

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Media Logistics

We analyze the BOM and perform parts management, printing, kitting, and JIT delivery based on a production status that changes daily.

By sharing parts and production information with clients nearly in real time, we can understand the required quantity and common parts, and manage production quantity with the highest cost advantage.

We also perform kitting including not only the printed manual, but other parts and accessories as well.

We accept inventory management of parts and accessories necessary for kitting, and kit by model and by destination.

We can reduce many client costs for parts management, inventory management, and kitting.

Our company performs everything from printing to kitting, allowing us to handle detailed deliveries according to client circumstances.