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Crestec Conduct Guidelines

1. Business Activities

(1) Compliance with Laws and Regulations
We observe all laws and regulations that are related to conducting business. Because a lack of knowledge or understanding does not absolve us of responsibility, we confirm any unclear points beforehand.

(2) Products & Services
We are dedicated to providing high-quality products and services. In order to provide reliable and appealing information products of high quality, we always consider the customer’s viewpoint as we carry out our work. If a problem is discovered in one of our products or services, we will immediately inform the customer and quickly take appropriate actions to minimize any potential damage. In addition, we shall do our utmost to prevent a recurrence of the problem.

(3) Fair Business Practices
We observe the Anti-Monopoly Act and all related laws and regulations. Accordingly, we do not conduct business using unreasonable conditions or carry out any unfair business practices. Furthermore, we do not provide or receive personal favors or payoffs that violate laws or regulations, or are contrary to accepted social standards. This includes entertaining, dining, gifts, and payoffs in any form.

2. Relationship between the Company and Employees

(1) Respect for Human Rights
We respect basic human rights and do not discriminate in the employment or evaluation of individuals. In addition, we do not use discriminatory language or behavior regarding a person’s gender, age, nationality, race, religion, creed, disability, and so on. We do not condone or use forced or child labor in any form.

(2) Safe, Comfortable Work Environment
We observe labor laws and regulations, such as the Labor Standards Act, and carry out activities to ensure and maintain a safe and healthy work environment. In addition, we make efforts to create a fair and friendly workplace that is free of harassment and other acts that ignore a person’s human rights.

(3) Conflicts of Interest
We clearly separate our positions as company employees and as private individuals, and do not allow personal interests to influence us when carrying out our duties. If the company’s interests conflict with our personal interests, we shall follow the decisions of the company.

3. Company Assets and Information

(1) Company Assets
We do not use the company’s information system or other company assets, whether tangible or intangible, for any dishonest or improper purposes. When a person resigns their position with the company, they must return all company assets, confidential information, and other materials related to their work for the company. In addition, the person may not disclose or leak any business secrets, corporate information, and so on that was gained during their employment without the express permission of the company.

(2) Intellectual Property Rights
We respect the value of intellectual property rights and handle them properly whether they are owned by our company or another party.

(3) Information Security
In order to effectively use information, we collect information such as strategic business information and personal information using appropriate means. The obtained information is accurately recorded, and managed and used appropriately. In addition, once the information is no longer needed, the information is permanently deleted or properly disposed of or destroyed. In addition, we take great care to ensure that information is not plagiarized or falsified. We have constructed an organizational system to prevent information leaks, and we effectively manage the system in order to sustain and improve the system.

(4) Confidential Information
We strictly manage confidential information and handle the information appropriately. When using confidential information, we use the information only within the scope necessary for business purposes. If the information is to be disclosed, we follow the procedures established for disclosing information according to the company rules. In addition, we do not employ deceptive tactics or dishonest means when obtaining confidential information from within or outside of the company.

(5) Personal Information
We collect and use personal information using fair means and only within the scope necessary for business purposes. Personal information is handled following procedures that are established according to laws, regulations, and company rules.

(6) Insider Trading
We do not engage in insider trading based on information obtained from within or outside of the company over the course of business, and do not conduct any other suspicious trading.

4. Relationship between the Company and Local Communities

(1) Coexistence with the Earth
Throughout all of our business activities, we actively contribute to maintaining the health of individuals and protecting the environment from a global perspective, and employ our best efforts to build a society in which sustainable development is possible.

(2) Coexistence with Local Communities
In order to obtain the trust and a broad-based understanding from local communities for our business activities, we promote coexistence and mutual benefits of the company and communities through active dialog and contributions to society.

(3) No Relationships with Criminal Organizations
From the perspective of our corporate social responsibility, we do not have any relationships whatsoever with criminal organizations or other organizations that threaten the order or safety of civil society.

5. Other Guidelines

(1) Thorough Implementation
We implement company rules in order to ensure compliance with laws and regulations. In addition, we actively collect information regarding laws and regulations that are related to our business activities, and use all available means, such as training, to ensure that the information is thoroughly communicated throughout the company.

(2) Work Environment
In order to create a safe and healthy work environment, we actively promote communication between coworkers at each workplace, with managers and leaders serving as the focal points. In addition, we try to prevent, identify, and develop countermeasures for workplace problems as quickly as possible.

(3) Notifications and Countermeasures
If we suspect that there is a violation of laws or regulations related to our business or a violation of business ethics, we will report the violation to our supervisor, to the appropriate department or division such as the general affairs division, or to the internal representative designated to receive such information. Any individual who reports a violation or the possibility of a violation of laws or regulations shall not be discriminated against or subject to any penalties for reporting the violation. The report itself shall be handled carefully using strict information management. In addition, if there are any acts that violate laws, regulations, or business ethics, those acts shall be corrected quickly and strict countermeasures shall be implemented in order to ensure that the acts are not repeated.

(4) Revisions and Corrections
The company’s management board shall meet once every six months in order to discuss and analyze issues related to the conduct guidelines and requests from interested parties. If necessary, the board shall make the appropriate corrections.

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